7 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose Us
    1. We are qualified licensed immigration advisers so you are protected and can be assured of receiving good, accurate and professional advice on how best to reach your immigration goal.
    2. One of our advisers, Derek Lim, is also an Enrolled Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand so you will benefit from his legal expertise and analytical skills. He is ideally placed to assist you with any complex immigration and settlement issues that you may have.
    3. We are immigrants ourselves we've been in your shoes so we can empathise with you and help make the journey here smoother for you.
    4. Our fees are fair and transparent fees are always agreed upon in advance, so you don't get surprises.
    5. We are a small family-run practice so we can offer personalised and prompt services.
    6. We strive for excellence and high standards in our work we are committed to doing our utmost to achieve results for you as your success is our goal.
    7. We value quality customer care as consumers ourselves so we treat you the way we like to be treated i.e. with respect and delivering superior services that surpass expectations.
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Mas Athirah (Singapore) "Aziz and I have been going in circles with the visa requirements for marriage partners & we got lost. We got really confused & didn't know the way forward. It has been an emotionally distressing time for me after my marriage & I can't join my partner in New Zealand. Thank goodness for Kwan's experience and expertise, I am now able to join Aziz and live with him. I am truly grateful to Kwan for making this journey possible."

Gengqi Tian & Yin Liu (China) "Thanks to Kwan's and Derek's professionalism, endless efforts, and attention to details, our residence visas have been approved without drama. It was such a great moment in our lives! Kwan was with us all the way through and patiently addressed all of our concerns. I honestly don't think we could find another immigration adviser or lawyer that we could put more trust in."

Siligama & Moia (Tuvalu) "We have been unlawful for many years in NZ. We have sought assistance from many immigration lawyers to regularise our immigration status but were unsuccessful. We were on the verge of being deported from NZ when we came to you for help. You not only stopped INZ from deporting us but managed to obtain visas for us to stay and work lawfully in NZ. We can't thank you enough!"

Josephine Cruz (Philippines) "We were desperate for someone to help us with our situation. The professional advisers we had before couldn't help us. We are so glad to have found Kwan and Derek because they are completely professional. We feel like they are part of our family as they totally understand our circumstances and gave us the help and advice that we needed. Thank you so much!"

Sala Salome (Fiji) "I cried when Derek and Kwan rang to tell me the good news that our residency application was finally approved. I just couldn't believe it! I thank God that I had Derek and Kwan to help me. They wrote a brilliant letter to INZ, explaining in detail why the case officer had assessed my application incorrectly and why my job should be recognised as skilled employment. I cannot thank Derek and Kwan enough for helping me and my family gain residency. I have told everybody I meet to use them if they have any immigration or visa issues."

Dorrit Chen (China) "My case was a little more complicated than normal work visas. Kwan and Derek really impressed me with their quick responses and letters written to support my visa application and PPI. Thanks to them, my visa was approved very quickly and I could return to work. They were so professional. I will definitely seek their help for my permanent residency. Also I have recommended them to all my friends. Their excellent service is far beyond their reasonable price. Thank you again for your support for my application."

Allyson Barbara (Philippines) "We are so happy and thankful to have known you...for helping us, for us having a hope and chance. You guys have been very helpful and kind while helping us to get my work visa."

Karthik Reddy Nalla (India) "I needed my work visa to be approved urgently and my passport returned so that I could travel to India to get married; and then return to Auckland to start work immediately. INZ normally takes 25 working days to process an application, and I have only a week before I travel. Derek advised me on the necessary evidence to obtain to support my application and to demonstrate the urgency of my case. I submitted my application on 4th March, and things moved very fast from there. Derek rang my case officer to emphasise the urgency and 18 hours later, we received the good news that my visa was approved. I'm really very thankful and grateful for Derek's whole-hearted work on my case. Thanks for giving me the right advice to ensure approval of my visa. I would definitely recommend friends and family members to use Derek's services."

Kemerworke Kassa (New Zealand) "My husband from Ethiopia is finally coming to NZ, thanks to you! He wouldn't have been able to obtain a visa if you had not fought against INZ's decision to decline his initial application. We're both very grateful for your time and efforts spent in fighting our case. We cannot thank you enough."

Mie Yoshioka (Japan) "I asked Derek and Kwan to help me as I was struggling with how to respond to the PPI against my work visa. They took quick action to address the issues by contacting my employer and another party. They responded to INZ on my behalf and I successfully obtained my work visa in 7 working days. It was a big relief for me! I believe I could not get it without their support. Their service was excellent; they always responded to my enquiries promptly. I felt that they are very trustworthy and sincere."

Deborah Murray (UK) "My employer had really messed up my work visa application but I got the correct advice from Derek which resulted in my application being approved by INZ."

Jiana Zou (China) "Thank you so much for helping us with our immigration issue. You are honest, professional and your knowledge of immigration law is excellent. We are very pleased with the work and service we received and have no hesitation in recommending Best Value Visa Services to our friends."

Michelle Toh (Malaysia) "I would like to thank Derek Lim from Best Value Visa Services for his great service, wide knowledge of the visa requirements and processes. Trustworthy and honest. Your knowledge and understanding of the migration rules and regulations are exceptional and I'm very happy with the outcome."
We Are Committed To Getting Results For You!
Applying to move to another country is an expensive and time-consuming undertaking that you want to get right first time. Immigration law and policies are particularly complex, often confusing and subject to constant changes.

Many applications fail because they were lodged under the wrong visa categories or due to inadequate or incomplete documentation.

Since we specialise in resolving immigration issues, you will achieve greater success with us. We are licensed in New Zealand, qualified and have the expertise to help you realise your dream to live in either Singapore or New Zealand.